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Welcome to Angle-Rec

Do you want to know latest styles? Do you want to try something new? Look no further, you are where you are supposed to be! Welcome to Angle-Rec, the best blog for legging fashion. The fashion blog exhibits various popular trends, styles, and combinations. The blog is updated regularly to ensure new things to try every day.

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Who We Are

Angle-Rec is a company located in the United States of America. Angle-Rec is the only company approved by the International Fashion Organization or commonly known as the IFO. This ensures genuine service to all its customers.

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Low-maintenance fashion

Low-maintenance by definition means it requires little work to keep something in good condition. In the sense of fashion, that is, low-maintenance fashion means to exert as little effort as possible yet keeping the quality of the looks. The best way to have a low-maintenance fashion is the simplest or the most basic yet conventionally accepted fashion trends.

For example, in the sense of women hair fashion, ponytails are one of the simplest styles. Aside from being the easiest hairstyle, about seventy percent of men find ponytail attractive. In the sense of clothing, t-shirts and jeans are majority choices for low-maintenance fashion. Well, t-shirts and jeans are obviously the most basic pair throughout the globe for many years now yet it is still in trend. In the sense of shoes, sneakers are definitely a favorite. Sneakers are generally comfortable and usable for almost any event or purpose.

Low-maintenance fashion is mainly using the most simple and convenient fashion trends. It may look as simple as it is but with good combination and taste, it can look better as it sounds. This proves that fashion can look good with simple things and without too much work exerted at all.

Comfortable fashion

The word comfortable depends on each person. Comfortable fashion also depends on an individual’s preference, choice, or taste. Generally, the most basic fashion is the most comfortable fashion. From simple to complex designs, there are various designs scattered all throughout the globe. Many of it looks great as its complexity increases. However, not all of the designs are convenient and comfortable as it looks.

Here are some conventional comfortable fashions for different conditions:

  • Climate
  • Hot climate
    Climate is an important factor in considering your fashion. If the climate is hot, you probably want to wear something to get rid of the heat. With that said, it is advisable to wear light colored and thin clothing. Light colored clothing is helpful in lessening the heat absorbed by the clothing hence, making you feel less hot than you should be. Examples of these are sleeveless shirts, t-shirts, and shorts.
  • Cold climate
    On the other hand, on a cold climate place, you do not want to freeze in the cold. Thus, long and thick clothing is suggested. This means your body is heavily covered with thick clothing to prevent the cold from reaching your skin and body. Examples of these are jackets, sweaters, jeans, trousers, pants, etc.

How to make leggings

Leggings are defined to be tight-fitting stretch pants, typically worn by women or girls. It is a protective covering for the legs. Leggings are worn on the chilly weather so most girls or women tend to buy pairs of leggings to keep their pretty legs warm. Usually, leggings are made from a blend of lycra or also known as spandex, nylon, polyester blend, or cotton. Also, it can be made from wool, silk, and other materials.

Since leggings are nice and comfy, girls or women want it many. Buying many leggings can be costly so instead of buying, how about making your own? There are many easy-to-follow DIY(do it yourself) leggings.

Here one way on how to make DIY(do it yourself ) leggings:

How to make leggings:

1.)    Materials

Since it involves measurements there will be a need to gather your measuring materials used for taking your measurements. Here are the materials needed:

a.)    Tape measure

Of course, it will all be measured. The typical measuring tool to measure circumference will be the tape measure. It will be used to measure the waist, length from waist to ankle, length of thigh to knee, length of knee to ankle thigh circumference, knee circumference, ankle circumference, etc.

b.)    Ruler

Ruler will be of much use for convenient measurements applicable and usable for the ruler. It will be a complimentary measuring device and a measuring tool.

c.)    Notepad

Since it will involve measurements and numbers having a record of it will be of much importance. Every measurement should be listed down for you to look back later on.

d.)    Scissors

After all the data measurements have been gathered, there will be cutting throughout the process. You will be cutting according to the measurements gathered. Cut it according to your desired design and style.

e.)    Other sewing materials

After things are cut, of course, there will be a need to sew them all together to form your leggings. You have to stitch them up together. Hence, you must have proficient sewing skills to do this. Make and draw the sewing pattern to get started. The materials needed in the sewing process includes, the needle, thread, bobbins, pins, iron and the ironing board, etc.

How to sew your leggings:

a.)    Step one: Pin the front and back curves, the right sides together.

b.)    Step two: Stitch the front and back curves. The typical stitch will be the zig-zag stitch or the serger. This allows the stitches to stretch the fabric.

c.)    Step three: Sew elastic to inside waist. Turn it under and stitch again. Stitch all other remaining stitches. Then done!

f.)    Your clothing(it should be stretchable)

Clothing choice is also important. It should be flexible. You can test it by stretching it and when you release it, does it go back to how it looked like before you stretched or does it still looked a bit stretched, and a bit wrinkly? It will look like loose clothing after some time. You do not want that, do you?

Article Via: https://lularoeleggings.org

What to wear with your favourite leggings

There are so many things to combine with your favourite leggings. Typically, leggings are great for adding a little warmth to your outfit or as an undergarment but not typical to be used as pants. There are various styles and designs when put up together, can make a beautiful innovated design.

These are some lower clothing to wear with your favourite leggings:

  • Skirts

Women like to wear skirts. Skirts are defined to be a woman’s outer garment fastened around the waist the waist and hanging down around the legs. However, skirts can be showing too much skin. In the sense of the religion of Islam, they do not want that. Islam women do not show their skin. To aid those Islam women who wants to wear skirt but not showing their skins, leggings are the answer. Leggings will cover their skin and is comfortable as well.

  • Shorts

This is one of the most worn bottom clothing for women. Shorts are undeniably comfortable. It is so easy to move. In the field of sports, women tend to wear shorts. However, there are outdoor sports. Hence, the sun is up, it is too hot. To protect the skin, leggings will be of necessity.

Before, leggings are not typical to be worn as pants. However it can still be worn as it is. So some people wear it at home, probably when no one is around. Leggings alone are comfortable without needing another layer of clothing for lower clothing. As the world progresses, innovations about leggings came into place. There have been leggings which are designed to be used as independent lower clothing. This means, it can be worn without the need of supplementary clothing such as pants, etc. These are some good tops to wear with leggings:

  • Mini dresses

Mini dresses are suggested to be worn on plus sized women. This is because mini dresses and leggings combination will make the wearer look unflattering.

  • T-shirts

T-shirts and leggings is a comfortable pair. The most basic upper clothing, t-shirts match simply with leggings. You can wear and match it by color to color or as desired. Any t-shirt will do as long as you feel good, and probably look good.

  • Sweaters

Leggings cover the whole lower body except the feet, meanwhile, sweater covers whole upper body except the hands. This makes it a good combination especially for a cold and chilly weather. Most leggings are stretchable, that goes true to sweaters too. The combination gives a comfortable feeling to mild cold temperature.

  • Blouses

A blouse sis defined to be a woman’s loose upper garment resembling a shirt, typically with a collar, buttons, and sleeves. Pairing your typical blouses with matching leggings will give you a prettier and more attractive style. This pair is generally light. It gives the wearer a light comfy feel.

  • Slouchy Tees

This is one of the most comfortable tops to pair with leggings. Slouchy tees are just so comfortable. It is light, cool, and beautiful. Slouchy tees look simple but gorgeous. According to a research, seventy percent of men are attracted to slouchy tees. The best colors are

Article Via: https://lularoeleggings.org

Lotus leggings: What to wear with them

Pants are such a trouble to wear, most specifically to women. In this generation, where everything works so fast and everything is done in an instant, we prefer to be most convenient as possible with the hint of comfort. With leggings, we find it easier to wear, more comfortable and even more fashionable. It goes with many kinds of tops. It is breathable compared to pants as it is made of fabric that is pleasing to the skin. It is stretchable and size-friendly. It is dreamy, coming from its name Lotus, and it goes with different designs to match the whole look. It isn’t just for fashion, but could also be for different kinds of activities. It helps move more and freely.

These could go well with blouses, shirts, mini-skirts, sweaters and etc where many of which aren’t possible to be paired with pants. This saves the fashion of the day whenever one wants to wear a top that is either short enough but too hassles to pair with something thick like pants or when it is too hot outside to wear something like shorts and sun rays are too painful for skin exposure. It also goes in different colors that are very lovable for women. It has the feel of a spandex that is not so bad for leggings showing how it is very flexible and comfortable at the same time. It goes with sets or could be by the pair which is very worth it to purchase that goes in sizes suitable for women. These leggings could consist of prints that may be pleasing to the eyes, fit for the whole look or both. It helps avoid wardrobe malfunctions due to its flexibility feature. Moreover, it somehow reveals or shows or flaunts assets in our body as it the envelopes the body due to its fitting.

As it goes with any top, it would be easier to switch from one top to another. It has been part of the fashion industry and even famous, renowned artist, specifically female artists, have taken the wave of leggings that influences many women to indulge the features and feelings of wearing leggings.

However, let us bear in mind that leggings aren’t just for women, but it could also be worn by men. Leggings give the feel of comfort and convenience for any physical activity or fashion sense that is universal for any sex. It is a matter of preference, design, and choice of the person to wear such fashion. Lotus leggings will be very helpful for searching the right bottom for your top to achieve that perfect look and fashion one wants to attain. Lotus leggings are best recommended in searching for the right leggings as it showcases desirable designs, size, and colors that fit the preference of the person. The features and designs it offers are perfect enough to choose from and one could possibly invent their own kind of fashion with the given designs where they could come up with different pairs or partners for these leggings.

Nike leggings: Get all sporty

Nike Leggings

Nike is a very renowned clothing brand distributed around the world. It is originally named as Blue Ribbon Sports. However, it is not just for apparel production but also for footwear. They have a mission that they aim to attain which is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. It commits to building deeper community connections and spurring positive social change around the world.  Their products are either for sportswear or for street fashion. Also, it is undeniably given that their products have the best qualities that match other rival brands. Due to this, Nike has a remarkable impression to consumers. They even use famous artists or athletes to sponsor them in flaunting their product as a mean of promoting them. Since Nike produces sportswear, Nike leggings is one of them. These leggings could serve as for fashion purposes or for sports. Unlike other brands, Nike embeds their original and features to each of their products. Their leggings are quite different in terms of feel, quality, and even quantity. The thing about their brand is that it has a different level of quality due to the materials used in their clothing. These are well-thought and deliberated ideas of great minds within their company that undergoes different processes and systems to be able to come up with their product and to finally distribute them to the different mass.

Nike leggings allow consumers or users to move better in any physical activities, too. Due to the fabric, it was made, the flexible quality and the like, the user is able to freely move and stretch into how far they can stretch their body. Every now and then, new products showed by Nike will always be one of the newest worldwide fashion trends. Wearing one of these Nike leggings will surely make not just men but also women to look at you shine against the crowd. Let us not forget that these leggings are not just available for women, but also for men who works out and wanted a suitable bottom for physical activity or sports. Nike does not just consider comfort as they brainstorm for new products such as Nike leggings. They also create such with different latest designs that will catch the hearts of consumers to buy but still does not forget the true essence of what the product is and should be.

Nike leggings are available in any Nike stores worldwide. Nike has a lot of branches in different countries. Their leggings are a must to have and is surely worthwhile for your money. Some may find Nike expensive, but it is actually worth it as its quality is like no other. Most especially the leggings they are producing because all of these undergoes a systematic process to create a renowned product to live up to their brand name and brand identification. That is why we should make haste and make sure that we won’t be missing out such product that may live up to an entire lifetime where we can pass upon our children for their use.

Get fab in white leggings

What is the color white?

Generally, the color white receives a positive connotation. The color white is the blending of all colors. This means that the color white is the presence of all colors and is also considered a color. White is one of the simplest colors in today’s society. Furthermore, white represents symbols. There are a lot of symbols and representations of the color white and here are some of it:

1.)    Purity

White looks clean. The color white represents purity. This means that the color white gives the viewer a generally accepted idea and a symbol of being pure. Which is why in weddings, white is the most preferred color for the gowns, etc. White gowns represent and show a value of innocence, virginity, and purity which is why it became one of the most likable colors for people.

2.)    Light

Darkness is represented by the color black, meanwhile, its considered to be opposite color, white, represents light. When we see colors, when you add up the color white to it, it becomes obviously lighter. May it be a shade lighter or more.

3.)    Cleanliness

When we see something white people have this general feeling of it being clean. White is considered to be the cleanest color. Also, this is another reason why wedding gowns are usually white. This is to show in the face of the Church, the attendants are clean. This is also applicable to Church people, the priest, nuns, and sacristans. Another example is in the field of hospitals. The color white is usually the dominant color in hospitals.

4.)    Holiness

Since the color white is considered to be light, pure, and clean, the color white symbolizes holiness. This is mainly why religious images or pictures of people considered as holy have shades of the color white. Examples of these are angels. Angels are usually imagined or visualized wearing white garments. This is also true to the angel’s wings, it is usually colored white.

What does fabulous mean?

Fabulous by definition is described to be extraordinary and wonderful.

Why make your leggings color white?

Applying some of what the color white represents, having white leggings is fabulous. Typical leggings are colored black, and today that goes a little boring. White is the new thing. As discussed earlier, white receives a positive connotation which is also true to white leggings. It gives a sense of light, purity, and cleanliness. In hot weather or hot climate, the color white is much appreciated. A black object tends to absorb all wavelengths of light and later transforms it to heat. This means that the object gets warm. This is also true to black clothing which is why the color white is a great choice. A white object tends to reflect all wavelengths of light. This means there will be no transformation the light energy to heat energy making you feel less warm than it should be. So get and make your leggings white so you can enjoy and walk under the sun confidently fabulous in white leggings.

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