Best microphones for youtube

If you are looking for Best microphones for youtube then you are at the right place. The LSR-3000 is a very popular ‘live’ vocal microphone in Europe. This is due to it being a ‘hand-held’ microphone & a condensor microphone rolled into one. Its design is based around the same circular capsule as the VM-44 System models.
Milab have combined a tight polar patterned condenser capsule with a ‘hand-held’ feature & added pad & roll-off options, with the intention of bringing studio quality sound to the stage.
Many Milab enthusiasts claim it to be their favorite Milab microphone. It’s versatile & it shines in an acoustic environment.
Milabs DC-196 is a small format condensor microphone that contains a large dual membrane rectangular capsule. It is very much a studio vocal microphone yet equally at home in a broadcast environment. It combines the best features of the DC-96B & the VIP-50 & rolls them into a DC-196. 


“This lack of symmetry can also be exploited in other ways when you are miking voices or instruments. For example a vertical set-up when recording vocals would focus mainly on the mouth, whereas a horizontal mounting position would cover all of the head & also pick up some chest resonances, producing a different tonal colour … Once you appreciate these differences between the rectangular diaphragm & the conventional circle, the whole concept starts to make a lot more sense. … is versatile & refined”


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