Conquer Online & Oriental Assassin

When we first started the game it was very easy to start up and get going, once we checked out the armour it was an instant love at first sight, the effects, designs and sets were completely amazing and something I enjoyed seeing every time I logged in. The third thing I noticed is that it only had two options for resolution 1024×758 and 800×600 and with such a large resolution at first it was a bit odd but within an hour of playing I never noticed it once, it was not a problem and it did not bring down my enjoyment while playing Conquer Online.

While playing role playing games I try to keep an eye out for unique features because role playing games tend to be the same when it comes to some features, I noticed a unique feature when first starting to quest when I used the auto-pathing system, instead of your plain old watching your character walk slowly to its destination Conquer Online has an awesome flipping motion that your character does as well as the speed it gets to its destination is fast and reliable. Conquer Online didn’t just have one unique feature and I couldn’t keep myself from not mentioning the horse racing feature, racing horses and mounts against many other players with the twist of Buffs that could speed you up or debuffs that could be used to slow other racers, so if you decide to try conquer online out you have to try horse racing.

Let’s get to the newest class the Oriental Assassin, a great new class that starts off as an archer and once you hit level 40 you can start being an assassin. The Oriental assassin is the coolest class yet and very powerful as well, but it does not stop there, the skills have amazing effects and that just tops off on extra features that makes a good class. I found myself playing the oriental assassin class for hours before I even noticed that time has passed.


The skills on the oriental assassin are all very powerful but my two favourite skills out of all of the skills have to be blistering wave and mortal wound, not only are the skill effects completely awesome but the skills are very strong as well. I completely fell in love with the oriental assassin class and by far my favourite, the thing I found so interesting about the oriental assassin is that when I quest or farm mobs its enjoyable but when I player vs player with the oriental assassin class it is loads of fun.

The best part is that conquer online has a great in game community and the game is lots of fun and had loads of content for you to play through. The messenger system is just like your social media networks you won’t miss a message from a friend or guild member. I highly recommend Conquer online and to try the newest class the oriental assassin, I definitely enjoyed my time playing Conquer Online.

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