Get fab in white leggings

What is the color white?

Generally, the color white receives a positive connotation. The color white is the blending of all colors. This means that the color white is the presence of all colors and is also considered a color. White is one of the simplest colors in today’s society. Furthermore, white represents symbols. There are a lot of symbols and representations of the color white and here are some of it:

1.)    Purity

White looks clean. The color white represents purity. This means that the color white gives the viewer a generally accepted idea and a symbol of being pure. Which is why in weddings, white is the most preferred color for the gowns, etc. White gowns represent and show a value of innocence, virginity, and purity which is why it became one of the most likable colors for people.

2.)    Light

Darkness is represented by the color black, meanwhile, its considered to be opposite color, white, represents light. When we see colors, when you add up the color white to it, it becomes obviously lighter. May it be a shade lighter or more.

3.)    Cleanliness

When we see something white people have this general feeling of it being clean. White is considered to be the cleanest color. Also, this is another reason why wedding gowns are usually white. This is to show in the face of the Church, the attendants are clean. This is also applicable to Church people, the priest, nuns, and sacristans. Another example is in the field of hospitals. The color white is usually the dominant color in hospitals.

4.)    Holiness

Since the color white is considered to be light, pure, and clean, the color white symbolizes holiness. This is mainly why religious images or pictures of people considered as holy have shades of the color white. Examples of these are angels. Angels are usually imagined or visualized wearing white garments. This is also true to the angel’s wings, it is usually colored white.

What does fabulous mean?

Fabulous by definition is described to be extraordinary and wonderful.

Why make your leggings color white?

Applying some of what the color white represents, having white leggings is fabulous. Typical leggings are colored black, and today that goes a little boring. White is the new thing. As discussed earlier, white receives a positive connotation which is also true to white leggings. It gives a sense of light, purity, and cleanliness. In hot weather or hot climate, the color white is much appreciated. A black object tends to absorb all wavelengths of light and later transforms it to heat. This means that the object gets warm. This is also true to black clothing which is why the color white is a great choice. A white object tends to reflect all wavelengths of light. This means there will be no transformation the light energy to heat energy making you feel less warm than it should be. So get and make your leggings white so you can enjoy and walk under the sun confidently fabulous in white leggings.