How to make leggings

Leggings are defined to be tight-fitting stretch pants, typically worn by women or girls. It is a protective covering for the legs. Leggings are worn on the chilly weather so most girls or women tend to buy pairs of leggings to keep their pretty legs warm. Usually, leggings are made from a blend of lycra or also known as spandex, nylon, polyester blend, or cotton. Also, it can be made from wool, silk, and other materials.

Since leggings are nice and comfy, girls or women want it many. Buying many leggings can be costly so instead of buying, how about making your own? There are many easy-to-follow DIY(do it yourself) leggings.

Here one way on how to make DIY(do it yourself ) leggings:

How to make leggings:

1.)    Materials

Since it involves measurements there will be a need to gather your measuring materials used for taking your measurements. Here are the materials needed:

a.)    Tape measure

Of course, it will all be measured. The typical measuring tool to measure circumference will be the tape measure. It will be used to measure the waist, length from waist to ankle, length of thigh to knee, length of knee to ankle thigh circumference, knee circumference, ankle circumference, etc.

b.)    Ruler

Ruler will be of much use for convenient measurements applicable and usable for the ruler. It will be a complimentary measuring device and a measuring tool.

c.)    Notepad

Since it will involve measurements and numbers having a record of it will be of much importance. Every measurement should be listed down for you to look back later on.

d.)    Scissors

After all the data measurements have been gathered, there will be cutting throughout the process. You will be cutting according to the measurements gathered. Cut it according to your desired design and style.

e.)    Other sewing materials

After things are cut, of course, there will be a need to sew them all together to form your leggings. You have to stitch them up together. Hence, you must have proficient sewing skills to do this. Make and draw the sewing pattern to get started. The materials needed in the sewing process includes, the needle, thread, bobbins, pins, iron and the ironing board, etc.

How to sew your leggings:

a.)    Step one: Pin the front and back curves, the right sides together.

b.)    Step two: Stitch the front and back curves. The typical stitch will be the zig-zag stitch or the serger. This allows the stitches to stretch the fabric.

c.)    Step three: Sew elastic to inside waist. Turn it under and stitch again. Stitch all other remaining stitches. Then done!

f.)    Your clothing(it should be stretchable)

Clothing choice is also important. It should be flexible. You can test it by stretching it and when you release it, does it go back to how it looked like before you stretched or does it still looked a bit stretched, and a bit wrinkly? It will look like loose clothing after some time. You do not want that, do you?

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