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In this blog post, I’ve created the ultimate list of best free movie Streaming sites and tv applications to stream movies online on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones you can try Download USTVNow for more.

In this list, you’ll find applications, through which you can’t only watch good movies, but also enjoy your favorite TV series or programs. A lot of them are available on Google play store, but for some, you’d have to download the installation file from a third party or official websites. You’ll find both kinds of apps, where you can download the movie, watch or stream it online.

There is no doubt that movies contribute to being one of the most dominant sources of killing spare time. If you have a smartphone, you can watch a ton of content with ease. No matter how advanced user you consider yourself, but if you don’t use movie apps, you’re missing from a good slice of entertainment. Thereby, you need some applications to consume movies and tv series content.

In this list, I’ve hand-picked the best apps and Movie streaming sites to make sure that you are never left out un-entertained. Watching movies on television is a huge pain due to the ton of advertisements. Thereby, you should consider watching movies on a smartphone or your computer.

Top 20 Best Free Movie streaming Apps for Android and iOS
Before you start downloading these applications, make sure that you have an active data connection or you are connected to wifi to ensure uninterrupted streaming.

  1. Showbox
    This app has been among the most talked about applications when it comes to watching movies and applications. The app has got so much to offer regarding features.

The app despite not being on Google play store is searched and downloaded by a ton of people worldwide. All you need to do is download their official apk file and install it on your android device.

The app offers flexibility. You can either download what you want to watch or stream it online in full HD. If you wish to watch movies via Showbox but on your pc, you can easily do that by using an android emulator such as Bluestacks.

TerrariumTV App
This one is quite new as compared to the other ones in this list although it has been around for quite a while. Unlike Showbox, this app hosts its content, movies and tv series on cloud platforms like google drive.

As a user, you have control to fetch subtitles as well. If you’re not a native English speaker, this can be a great help. You can download the latest movies by simply swapping fingers across your screen.

If you had problems or don’t like Showbox, this could be an excellent alternative to try out. But you might need to have a VPN installed to use this app.

French Stream

It’s quite hard for any app to reach 4 out of 5 rating, especially entertainment or movie apps because want to get maximum features at low or no cost.

This one is our latest addition to this list, and the list of its features makes it quite interesting. The list of their services supports a lot of major platforms, and above that, they have a very robust looking website as well.

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