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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All readings are satisfaction guaranteed. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the quality of your reading, I will charge you nothing for that reading. If you’ve already paid, then you’ll receive a FULL refund. You have nothing to lose by asking me for a reading. I’m here to help you – not to take advantage of you.

Why Do I Perform Readings? I give readings to peoples so they can receive information that will give them empowerment over their own lives and their future. I don’t perform readings for the money. Call a UK phone psychic medium today. Frankly, I charge very little for reading, and I’ve even been told by many of my clients that I don’t charge enough for what I give them. But money is NOT the main reason for offering psychic readings to you. I do this work so I can help you. I know you need to find peace, happiness, encouragement, closure, calmness, empowerment, courage, healing, happiness and spirit given answers to your questions.

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How Does it Work? You may callĀ  and we’ll set up an appointment time for your reading on a day and time that works well for both of us (normally within one to two days). When you email me please put the words “Private Psychic Reading” on the subject line. When you call me, if I am on the phone with another client or if I’m out, please leave a voicemail message and I’ll return your call as soon as I can. The majority of my Private Psychic Readings appointments are done via the telephone. The rest are done in my quiet meditation studio in my home. If you’re interested in recieiving a personal reading in person then please call me and make an appointment. If you would like to bring along a friend then that friend will be allowed to have their own personal reading for half price.


10 Minute reading via telephone $15.00

25 Minute reading via telephone $30.00

45 Minute reading via telephone $40.00


I love to give readings to lots of people at a party.

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Where am I located? I live in a log cabin surrounded by hundreds of private forest acres in southeast Ohio, which makes me available to the entire Mid-Ohio Valley area. Most of my clients don’t seem to care if they receive their reading via the telephone or in person because the results of the reading are just a powerfull either way. Although when giving a reading in person I’m able to hold your hands and look into your eyes. These two acts give me a very deep look into your energy and sometimes it’ll give you an even better reading. If you would like to schedule a private psychic personal reading then we can make an appointment. If you would like to bring a friend with you to your reading appointment then your friend is welcome to their own personal reading at half price.

Ghost/Demon/Spirit Cleansing of Houses/Office or Buildings: If you have an environment that you think may have paranormal activity and you’d like to get rid of that activity then please call me help. It takes me about 30 minutes to one hour (depending on the size of the environment) to cleanse your house/office or building of all negative spirits. I charge $100.00 to cleanse a home or office and I charge $200.00 to cleanse a large building. Because I have a 100% success rate in these cleansing I offer a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you see or hear any paranormal activity in the same house or building within 30 days after I’ve performed a cleansing then I’ll GIVE YOU A FULL MONEY BACK REFUND!

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