What to wear with your favourite leggings

There are so many things to combine with your favourite leggings. Typically, leggings are great for adding a little warmth to your outfit or as an undergarment but not typical to be used as pants. There are various styles and designs when put up together, can make a beautiful innovated design.

These are some lower clothing to wear with your favourite leggings:

  • Skirts

Women like to wear skirts. Skirts are defined to be a woman’s outer garment fastened around the waist the waist and hanging down around the legs. However, skirts can be showing too much skin. In the sense of the religion of Islam, they do not want that. Islam women do not show their skin. To aid those Islam women who wants to wear skirt but not showing their skins, leggings are the answer. Leggings will cover their skin and is comfortable as well.

  • Shorts

This is one of the most worn bottom clothing for women. Shorts are undeniably comfortable. It is so easy to move. In the field of sports, women tend to wear shorts. However, there are outdoor sports. Hence, the sun is up, it is too hot. To protect the skin, leggings will be of necessity.

Before, leggings are not typical to be worn as pants. However it can still be worn as it is. So some people wear it at home, probably when no one is around. Leggings alone are comfortable without needing another layer of clothing for lower clothing. As the world progresses, innovations about leggings came into place. There have been leggings which are designed to be used as independent lower clothing. This means, it can be worn without the need of supplementary clothing such as pants, etc. These are some good tops to wear with leggings:

  • Mini dresses

Mini dresses are suggested to be worn on plus sized women. This is because mini dresses and leggings combination will make the wearer look unflattering.

  • T-shirts

T-shirts and leggings is a comfortable pair. The most basic upper clothing, t-shirts match simply with leggings. You can wear and match it by color to color or as desired. Any t-shirt will do as long as you feel good, and probably look good.

  • Sweaters

Leggings cover the whole lower body except the feet, meanwhile, sweater covers whole upper body except the hands. This makes it a good combination especially for a cold and chilly weather. Most leggings are stretchable, that goes true to sweaters too. The combination gives a comfortable feeling to mild cold temperature.

  • Blouses

A blouse sis defined to be a woman’s loose upper garment resembling a shirt, typically with a collar, buttons, and sleeves. Pairing your typical blouses with matching leggings will give you a prettier and more attractive style. This pair is generally light. It gives the wearer a light comfy feel.

  • Slouchy Tees

This is one of the most comfortable tops to pair with leggings. Slouchy tees are just so comfortable. It is light, cool, and beautiful. Slouchy tees look simple but gorgeous. According to a research, seventy percent of men are attracted to slouchy tees. The best colors are

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